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1. What percentage of tax reviews result in a refund? What is the average refund amount?

2. What happens if the tax review specialist studies my tax returns and determines that I owe the IRS money?

3. How many years of previously filed tax returns can be amended?

4. What is an Amended Tax Return?

5. I currently have a preferred tax preparer.

6. Does an amended tax return trigger a "red flag" with the IRS or enhance my chances of being audited?

7. I amended one of my last three years' tax returns. Do I qualify for the service?

8. What kind of information do I need to provide to amend my returns?

9. How long is the tax review process to determine if I have a refund? How long will it take to receive my refund?

10. How much does the Check My Return "second opinion" service cost?

11. Do I pay a tax on the total amended return refund amount on next year's taxes?

12. How do I know Taxes for Expats will maintain confidentiality of my personal information?

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