Tax Questionnaire FAQ

1. My children don’t have Social Security numbers. Do I have to mention them?

2. I am married to a non-US citizen. Do I have to include their details in the TQ (and by extension my US tax return)?

3. I am not a US Citizen but have US-sourced income. How should I complete your Questionnaire?

4. My wife has a green card that has expired. She has not, however, officially renounced it. Does she have to file US tax return? Can she file the US tax return jointly with me?

1. Should I mention my council tax?

2. Can you use UK P60s for calculating annual income? The P60s go from April to March, which makes it very complicated to calculate January to December income.

3. I have a ISA and a SIPP - do they need to be reported and where?

4. Do I include my UK pension as a foreign financial account? I don't know the value of it as the value isn't computed until I retire.

1. I have a RRSP and TFSA valued at $10,000. Do they need to be reported and where ?

1. I filed my last U.S. (or state) tax return years ago. Do you still need to see it?

2. I do not have a Social Security number. What should I do?

3. The name I use now is not the same as shown on my Social Security card (ie I'm using my married name now). Which name should I provide to you on the Tax Questionnaire?

1. Do I have to submit Form 8938 to the IRS?

2. Do I have to provide you my non-U.S. bank account details?

3. Do I have to list my property on the list of Foreign Bank Accounts?

5. I am a signatory on two current accounts at work (or any other accounts that are not my own). Should I include these?

7. Can I prepare the Form 8938 myself?

8. I had over $10,000 in one foreign account - but have 2 other ones that were below the $10,000 threshold. Do I still need to report them all?

9. I am in a rush to meet the FBAR deadline. What information do I have to complete so that you can prepare & file FBAR only (we'll handle the tax return afterwards)?

12. Do I have to provide information about the number of foreign stock that I own or their market value?

13. Is it necessary for me to report my child's bank account on my FBAR (it's over $10,000)? Does she have to file her own FBAR?

14. I have an investment held in trust for me. Do I have to report it on FBAR?

15. The value of my non-US bank account only exceeded $10,000 for one day. Do I still have to file FBAR?

16. Do I need to report my retirement accounts? I live in France and have Plan d'Epargne d'Entreprise and Livret A

1. TQ is asking me to upload a document that I don't have at the moment. What should I do?

2. Is foreign child care an eligible deduction? Should I provide details for it?

3. What is an HSA?

4. Can I (and how) deduct the money I have been paying my mother regularly to help her make ends meet (900 / month)?

5. Can I deduct interest I have paid on person loans?

1. What information do I have to provide so that you can prepare Form 5471 for me?

2. I do not get statements about my local government Defined Benefit Scheme. What should I do?

1. Why do I need to list my trips to the US ?

2. I do not plan to use the Physical Presence test - should I still provide details about U.S. visits?

3. When answering question about visits to the US, do I have to list members of my family who traveled with me?

4. I spent a few hours in the US during a flight transfer. Should this be reported?

1. Are farm subsidies considered Earned Income?

2. I can't break down my host country taxes paid between self-employment income, pension & wages income. What should I do?

3. What is included in gross wages / gross income?

1. I am not sure if I am self-employed ? How can I tell this?

3. I have interest in a Foreign Partnership owned jointly with my husband. Should I report it on the Supplemental tab under 'Self-Employment’? Should I report my share of the gross income or the total figure or the total figure?

1. I am very busy - can I just give you all my documents and you will figure it all out?

2. Do I have to complete the Tax Questionnaire?

3. How long will it take me to complete?

4. I am completing multiple years - do I have to complete a TQ for each year? Which year should I do first?

5. Do I have to answer every question? (long version)

6. Do I have to answer every question (short version)?

7. Can I copy data from one TQ to another?

8. How do I create a new TQ?

9. How should I complete the TQ if I’m filing an amended return?

10. How should I complete the Tax Questionnaires if I’m applying to the Streamlined Program?

11. Can I erase a Tax Questionnaire?

12. Can I see history of changes I made to the TQ?

13. What web browsers do you support?

14. Should two spouses complete one or two different Tax Questionnaires?

15. I would like to delete a certain year Tax Questionnaire - can I do that?

16. How should I complete the TQ with my spouse if you want to file a joint return?

17. When you ask me to upload a file, what file types are accepted?

18. What documents do you require to do my tax return?

1. How do I navigate around the TQ?

2. How do I let you know that I'm finished?

3. I want to change something in the TQ after I submitted it - how can I do that?

4. I want to close my web session and resume work another time (or on another computer) - can I do that?

5. How do I upload a file outside the Tax Questionnaire?

6. I'd like to provide additional information / comments, how can I do that?

7. How can I tell which questions I provided comments on?

8. Does Tax Questionnaire accept decimal amounts (ie cents)?

9. My personal information (such as name or address) contains special European alphabet characters (such as Ä, Ö or ß). Should they appear on the US tax return?

10. I don't have a scanned copy of a certain document that you need. What can I do?

11. Can I mark a question as "draft" so that I know I still have to come back and finalize its value later?

12. I received income from three different employers during the tax year. How can I indicate them all?

13. Can I upload a zip file containing multiple documents?

14. Can I see all my answers, as they are saved in the system, in one place?

15. Can I see a full history of changes / additions I made to the TQ?

16. I entered the data but it looks like it's not saved? Can you advise on this please.

1. How do I provide you information for preparation of Form 5471?

2. Do I need to upload receipts or bank statements?

3. In my resident country the Financial Year goes from 1 July to 30 June. I have a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund which is valued on Jun-30 each year. I don't have a 31 December figure to give you. What should I do?

4. What time period do you refer to as the Tax Year?

6. Will I be able to avail of the US-[my country] Double Taxation Treaty to assert a Treaty position that my income is not liable for US tax?

7. How can I report the money that I am contributing to my employer pension.

8. My employer reimburses me for my children’s tuition. How should this be reported?

9. Do I have to report my spouse's income?

10. I file joint return with my husband in our resident country. We will file separately in the US. How should I report the tax I paid myself?

11. I had both a salaried position and was self-employed during the year. How should I report this on the TQ?

1. Do I have to report my PEE (Plan d'Epargne d'Entreprise) and Livret A accounts?

1. I took a pre-retirement age distribution from my Retirement Account.

2. How do I report performance based shares that vested this year from my employer?

3. I receive a graduate student stipend

4. Royalties from publishing a book or from licensing a patent or other form of intellectual property, such as computer software product

6. I generate income from a farm

7. I am a part time tutor

8. Gambling or lawsuit settlement

9. Investment income - dividends, interest, capital gains, etc

10. I receive a distribution from a trust (Foreign or US)

11. I received a distribution from a US educational plan

12. I received a gift or inheritance from a non-US person (non-citizen, non GC holder)

13. I received an inheritance or gift from a US person (Citizen or GC holder)

14. Maternity or Paternity pay

15. Unemployment Income (Foreign and US)

16. I own a timeshare, how should I report it?

18. I receive alimony

19. Severance package - either monthly payment or lump sum

20. Sick Pay

21. Life insurance CASH payout (benefit payment is not reportable)

25. I receive child support

26. Disability - Lump Sum or monthly payment

27. Pension distributions - US or foreign

29. Earnings from a business that I am an owner but not directly involved in the day to day business

30. Employer contribution to pension

31. I work in private equity and receive carried interest

32. I own a business and draw dividends

33. Where do I enter K1 information from my Master Limited Partnership (MLP)?

34. Social Security Distributions

35. I receive a rent subsidy - where should I report it?

37. I rent my home for a few weeks a year via Airbnb (or similar platform). How should this be reported in the TQ?

1. Can I claim paying my daughter college tuition, even if she files he own 1040ez?

3. I pay alimony

4. I pay income tax in my home country. I.e. impots sur revenus in France; Einkommensteuer in Germany, Impuesto sobre la renta in Spain

5. Social Security Contributions

6. Personal contributions to pension

7. Non-Income tax. Ie - Church tax (Germany), Wealth tax (Switzerland, France, India), Council Tax (UK), Zakat (Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Qatar), Taxe d'habitation (France)

8. How should the Irish special Universal Social Charge (USC) be reported?

1. I own more than 50% of the shares of a foreign company. That company in turn owns less than 50% of a second foreign company. I have signature on the bank account of this second company. Do I have to report the second company account on FBAR?

2. The value of my non-US bank account only went over $10,000 for one day. Do I still have to file FBAR?

3. I have a savings account at my bank that is directly linked to our mortgage payment saving account. Should it be reported on FBAR / FATCA?

6. Do I include my pension as a foreign financial account? I don't know the value of it as the value isn't computed until I retire.

7. I own bank "Les parts sociales" - membership parts. How should they be reported?

1. Travel Expenses - i.e - I moved my family from the US to Australia for work

2. Medical and Dental Expenses

3. Home Mortgage

4. I work out of my house - can I deduct my phone/electricity/etc bills?

5. I use my car for work - can I deduct the gas/other car expenses?

6. Educational Expenses

7. Child Care Expenses

8. I am self-employed and take clients out for business

9. I make IRA contributions

1. I receive the Belgian "Epargne-Pension" - how do I report this?

1. I contribute to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) - how is this handled on my US tax return?

1. I own bank "Les parts sociales" - membership parts. How should they be reported?

1. I own an ISA Fund. In the UK any ISA gains are free of Capital Gains Tax. Do these have to be declared for US tax purposes?

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