Tax Guide

Thank you for reviewing us!

Before sending you to the TrustPilot website, we wanted to quickly explain how they verify that you are a real person.

1) You will first see this page where you can leave us your rating & review.

Step 1

2) After you write the review, you will have an option to verify your identity with either:

  • A Facebook account
  • An email address

The only reason they ask is to check that you are a real human being.

Facebook is simple - just click the FB icon and you will be verified using your FB credentials. Please note - Trustpilot will not post anything to your wall!

If you are among the 6 billion people without a Facebook account, click 'E-mail' - this will show the following screen:


If you don’t yet have an account with TrustPilot, please click ‘Not a user’.

This last step will let you provide your name (or any name for that matter) and email address - they will send one email to check that it’s real. Тhis will not cause any further emails from TrustPilot - you will just be able to leave review for other merchants.