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Michaela - Absolutely fabulous!
Absolutely fabulous!
I was impressed with TFX' services last year since I had to complete a six-year stream return. Your professionalism and dedication are appreciated. I definitely recommend.
Michaela, Read on Trust Pilot
Roman - TFX...A solid, competent and trustworthy partner!
TFX...A solid, competent and trustworthy partner!
TFX is knowledgeable and professional. Their data entry form is simple to use and the return is quickly prepared. Additionally they have a very interesting fix-price.
Roman, Read on Trust Pilot
Dorothy - TFX have done my taxes for …
TFX have done my taxes for …
four years and have done a great job every year. They are very prompt, responsive, and competent with tax preparation for complex balance of living and working abroad. Highly recommend!
Dorothy, Read on Trust Pilot
Mable - Quick and easy communicate
Quick and easy communicate
This is my first time but very quick response and easy to communicate with the accountant, he always answered our questions. I'll recommend to all expat in HK.
Mable, Read on Trust Pilot
Philip - Highly professional, efficient and personal
Highly professional, efficient and personal
Highly professional plus efficient, personal service. Great web platform - no glitches or repeated entries, clear and user friendly.
Philip, Read on Trust Pilot
linda - A positive experience
A positive experience
TFX helped me to achieve that "so relieved it is done!" feeling. Thanks to TFX for their guidance.
linda, Read on Trust Pilot
Henry - Excellent service, easy-to-use interface
Excellent service, easy-to-use interface
The interface is easy to use and the customer service is excellent. I would recommend this for any expat who finds filing their own return too much work.
Henry, Read on Trust Pilot
Lucia - Helpful staff & easy to use website!
Helpful staff & easy to use website!
Professional and very helpful staff and an easy to use website made the while process a breeze!
Lucia, Read on Trust Pilot
Amitava - My experience of working with TFX has …
My experience of working with TFX has …
..been excellent. The organisation responds to queries immediately and guides through the necessary steps as and when required.
Amitava, Read on Trust Pilot
Lauren - Great Support in Record Time
Great Support in Record Time
Every year, the support has been consistently strong with extremely nice and knowledgeable tax professionals. I would recommend the service.
Lauren, Read on Trust Pilot
Lazaro - It has been great to work with TFX
It has been great to work with TFX
They are very professional and know what they are talking about and they can explain the most complicated of situation in the simplest way.
Lazaro, Read on Trust Pilot
RShibuya - Great service
Great service
Trustworthy and friendly service for expats living abroad.
RShibuya, Read on Trust Pilot
Rakesh - Excellent service
Excellent service
taxes for expats is the best for people who travel all over the world for any reason. They will take care of all your tax filings because they always stay on top of things with taxation laws.
Rakesh, Read on Trust Pilot
Linda - Personable, professional and attentive support
Personable, professional and attentive support
I enlisted TFX to assist me with the Streamline Program. I researched a number of firms prior to enlisting with TFX - I most definitely made the best choice!
Linda, Read on Trust Pilot
Cynthia - Thank you again, TFX!
Thank you again, TFX!
I always feel I am a valued client, and my tax preparer is helpful with prompt answers to any questions I have. The fee is modest for such an important service....
Cynthia, Read on Trust Pilot
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Articles & Tax Guides

Maximizing Tax Benefits: Understanding the Credit for Other Dependents & How to Claim It

One valuable credit that can provide relief for expats with dependents who do not qualify for the Child Tax Credit is the Credit for Other Dependents. In this guide, we will delve into the eligi...

Deciphering the Tax Deductibility of Legal Fees for US Expats

As US expatriates, our journey through the maze of the US tax system is often accompanied by numerous questions, particularly regarding the deductibility of legal fees. It is essential for us to understand the specific circumstances in which legal fees may qualify as tax deductions aiming at maximizing our tax benefits. In thi...

Mastering Form 8867: A US Expat’s Guide to Maximize Tax Credits

One crucial document that requires attention when navigating the complexities of the US tax system is Form 8867. In this guide, we'll walk you through the ins and outs of Form 8867, providing valuable insights, tips, and detailed information to help US expats maximize their eligibility for tax credits. Understanding Form ...

Decoding Form 1310: A US Expat's Guide to Claiming Tax Refunds for Deceased Taxpayers

In this guide, we'll shed light on Form 1310 - aptly named the Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer. While the topic might seem a tad morbid, understanding this form is crucial for expats who find themselves handling the tax affairs of a departed loved one. The Purpose of Form 1310 Form 1...

Why Does the IRS Say My Information Doesn't Match in 2023? - The IRS, US Expats, and the Great Mismatch Mystery

Understanding the Mismatch Mystery When you file your taxes as an expat, the IRS compares the information you provide with the data they have on file. If there are discrepancies, a mismatch is triggered, and you receive a notice from the IRS: "Your information doesn't match!" This can happen for various reasons...

ITIN Renewal Guide for US Expats: Don't Let Your ITIN Expire!

If you have an ITIN, you may be wondering if and when it needs to be renewed. In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about ITIN renewal, from who needs to renew their ITIN to how to renew it, and even some benefits you might not know about. ...

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