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Our Affiliate Program

At Taxes for Expats we run a successful affiliate program for websites that reach Americans living abroad.

We operate a fixed fee per referral. You would receive the fee for every client who signs via your unique URL and becomes a paying tax preparation client.

Program Logistics

Each affiliate receives a unique url ID that is used to link to our site. It would look like this: You would place this link on your website - so anytime your visitors click on the link, we would register them under your account.

We could also provide your site with one or more articles explaining Expat Taxation rules for US Citizens (here is the list of Published Articles - you can pick whichever you feel would work best for your audience). The end of the article would contain a link (containing your unique referral id).

100% Transparency

We operate a 100% transparent system. You will have full access to logs of every visitor & signed up client. Here are the screenshots of the system:

1) Log of every visitor who came to the site via your link

Affiliate Visitors Page

2) Log of every user who signed up, dates when they paid for our services and disbursal for clients signed up.

Affiliate Referrals Page

You will also receive two automatic email notifications - one as soon as a client signs up and the other when they pay us. Disbursals to affiliates are are made on the first business day of each month via PayPal.

You also have the option to refer clients to us verbally - in which case they would just have to mention your name during the sign-up process (in the Referral Field) so that we could attribute credit to your account.

Possible Banners to Use

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How to Sign Up

This is the rough outline of our program - we'd be happy to talk about it further if you want to know more. Please click on here to learn more or to sign up: and we'll take it from there.