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Our Fee Structure

Federal Tax Return $350
If gross income > $100,000 $450
State Tax Return $100
Non-US Citizen Tax Return (1040NR) $450
If gross U.S. income > $100,000 $550
  • Flat Fee includes the following forms:
  • 1040, 2555, 1116, 1 Rental Property (one depreciation schedule).
  • Up to 10 Bank Interest / Dividend / Brokerage Transactions.
  • There are many more forms that are included in the Flat Fee package. Click here for the full list.
FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR) $75
FATCA (Form 8938) - up to 5 accounts $100
Comparing Quotes?
If you're comparing prices, please note:
Don't forget to convert any competitor's quote to USD & add VAT.
All our prices are in USD and we do not collect VAT.
So we could be up to 75% cheaper when doing an "apples-to-apples" comparison!

Additional Forms You May Need

Amended Return Form 1040X $100
Self Employment (when deducting business expenses) Schedule C $100
Carryover of tax credits from previous years (if previous return was done by another company and the amount of carryover was not reported) $125

Foreign Tax Preparation We prepare non-US returns for many countries. Please get in touch with us and we can assist.

Corporate Returns
Foreign Corporation Informational Return
Form 5471
Cost after we already prepared 5471 for same company $400
U.S. S-Corporation - Form 1120-S (Includes State) $800
U.S. Partnership - Form 1065 $600

Other Forms Please contact us to inquire about cost to prepare other forms.

Additional Tax Services

Tax Return Review (applied towards amendment if errors found) $100
Mini Consultation (30 minutes on the phone) $250
New Client Referrals
for each client you refer,
you earn $75 in tax preparation credit
In order to thank existing clients who recommend us we instituted a Referral Program