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Representation services

Call and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf

Representation services

Sometimes you need to have a professional liaise with the IRS on your behalf. We offer this service under a billable hour arrangement. Our fee for it is $200 per billable hour.

Sample Tasks
  • Call the IRS to inquire about refund status (estimated time 30 minutes).
  • Request of tax transcript (estimated time 1 hour).
  • Discuss case with IRS agent, faxing requested documents (estimated time 1 hour).
  • Letter to request penalty waiver (estimated time 2 hours).

Because the circumstances of each case and the time required to contact an agent may vary, we do not offer a fixed price for these services.

In order for us to start work on the case, we need to arrange the Power of Attorney (POA) form. Should you choose to engage us, we request a retainer of $400 (2 hours), which would include preparation of the POA, which would allow us to speak to the IRS on your behalf.