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Michaela - Absolutely fabulous!
Absolutely fabulous!
I was impressed with TFX' services last year since I had to complete a six-year stream return. Your professionalism and dedication are appreciated. I definitely recommend.
Michaela, Read on Trust Pilot
Roman - TFX...A solid, competent and trustworthy partner!
TFX...A solid, competent and trustworthy partner!
TFX is knowledgeable and professional. Their data entry form is simple to use and the return is quickly prepared. Additionally they have a very interesting fix-price.
Roman, Read on Trust Pilot
Dorothy - TFX have done my taxes for …
TFX have done my taxes for …
four years and have done a great job every year. They are very prompt, responsive, and competent with tax preparation for complex balance of living and working abroad. Highly recommend!
Dorothy, Read on Trust Pilot
Mable - Quick and easy communicate
Quick and easy communicate
This is my first time but very quick response and easy to communicate with the accountant, he always answered our questions. I'll recommend to all expat in HK.
Mable, Read on Trust Pilot
Philip - Highly professional, efficient and personal
Highly professional, efficient and personal
Highly professional plus efficient, personal service. Great web platform - no glitches or repeated entries, clear and user friendly.
Philip, Read on Trust Pilot
linda - A positive experience
A positive experience
TFX helped me to achieve that "so relieved it is done!" feeling. Thanks to TFX for their guidance.
linda, Read on Trust Pilot
Henry - Excellent service, easy-to-use interface
Excellent service, easy-to-use interface
The interface is easy to use and the customer service is excellent. I would recommend this for any expat who finds filing their own return too much work.
Henry, Read on Trust Pilot
Lucia - Helpful staff & easy to use website!
Helpful staff & easy to use website!
Professional and very helpful staff and an easy to use website made the while process a breeze!
Lucia, Read on Trust Pilot
Amitava - My experience of working with TFX has …
My experience of working with TFX has …
..been excellent. The organisation responds to queries immediately and guides through the necessary steps as and when required.
Amitava, Read on Trust Pilot
Lauren - Great Support in Record Time
Great Support in Record Time
Every year, the support has been consistently strong with extremely nice and knowledgeable tax professionals. I would recommend the service.
Lauren, Read on Trust Pilot
Lazaro - It has been great to work with TFX
It has been great to work with TFX
They are very professional and know what they are talking about and they can explain the most complicated of situation in the simplest way.
Lazaro, Read on Trust Pilot
RShibuya - Great service
Great service
Trustworthy and friendly service for expats living abroad.
RShibuya, Read on Trust Pilot
Rakesh - Excellent service
Excellent service
taxes for expats is the best for people who travel all over the world for any reason. They will take care of all your tax filings because they always stay on top of things with taxation laws.
Rakesh, Read on Trust Pilot
Linda - Personable, professional and attentive support
Personable, professional and attentive support
I enlisted TFX to assist me with the Streamline Program. I researched a number of firms prior to enlisting with TFX - I most definitely made the best choice!
Linda, Read on Trust Pilot
Cynthia - Thank you again, TFX!
Thank you again, TFX!
I always feel I am a valued client, and my tax preparer is helpful with prompt answers to any questions I have. The fee is modest for such an important service....
Cynthia, Read on Trust Pilot
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Five Things You Need To Know Before You Move Abroad
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Five Things You Need To Know Before You Move Abroad

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1,800+ Reviews

Articles & Tax Guides

Form 1099-K: All the Details a US Expat Needs to Know

The threshold limit for Form 1099-K has been reduced from $20,000 to $600 but this is not applicable for the returns filed in 2023. The announcement of this delayed implementation has been a cause for confusion. This article covers all the aspects of the 1099-K plus wh...

A Comprehensive Guide to Qualified Education Expenses: Eligibility, Deduction, and 2023 Tax Benefits

Expenses incurred while pursuing higher education that are eligible for tax benefits are considered as qualified education expenses. If your expenses are eligible, you will receive a Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, from the educational i...

Form 1099-MISC: A Comprehensive Guide for US Expats

What Is Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income? As a US expat, it's important to be aware of the tax documents you may need to file each year.  One such document is the Form 1099-MISC - a tax form used to report miscellaneous income received during a tax year. This type of income includes payments for...

Form 8283: Understanding Noncash Charitable Contributions

Charitable donations come in many forms, from monetary gifts to the donation of property. In the case of noncash charitable contributions, the IRS requires that a specific form, Form 8283, be filled out and submitted along with your tax return. In this ar...

Form 1099-C - Cancellation of Debt. Understanding the Form for Your US Tax Return

When a lender cancels or forgives a debt of $600 or more, he or she must send Form 1099-C to both the IRS and the borrower. Canceled debt refers to a debt that is forgiven or discharged by the lender. This means that the borrower is no longer responsible for repaying th...

Form W-7: Your Guide To This ITIN Number Application IRS Form

You can obtain an IRS individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) by completing Form W-7. Using this form, you can also renew your ITIN. If you are a non-citizen and you want to file a federal income tax return with the IRS but do not qualify for a Social Security number, you can fill out a...

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