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IRS correspondence - how we can help

Did you receive a (very) scary letter from the IRS?
You need an expert on your side!

We describe on this page how IRS is using the excuse of smallest technical errors to go after expats in a big way. If they find any error (no matter how inconsequential) on an expatriate tax return, they can disallow the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and therefore assess a large tax bill (with concomitant penalties and interest).

You may receive a very scary letter that looks something like this (tax & fees assessed in excess of $500,000):


Or this ($13,000 of tax due, presented in over 40 pages of thick legalese)


Your first reaction may be to panic - after all, a powerful government agency is after your money. However - if you are reading this page, you already know someone who can help. So - do not panic. Our experience shows that often such inquires can be resolved with no additional tax due (if handled by a competent professional).

Bear in mind that the IRS is only presenting their point of view (which they do in a way that's most advantageous to them). We will analyze your situation and determine how you can challenge their position, presenting you with our findings and the plan of action that you can undertake to receive a fair treatment. The analysis will include the following deliverables:

  • Providing to you in plain English a concise summary of the IRS letter
  • Pinpointing the page(s) which you have to focus on, disregarding the rest
  • Explaining the level of escalation of your case within the IRS system as of the letter issuance date
  • Providing advice on handling the past-due date for responding to the letter (very common situation for expats)
  • Explaining the options available to you under the circumstances
  • Suggesting an action plan

The IRS letter review costs $250, but if you choose to engage our services to either prepare the amendment (if one is warranted) or for representation services to call the IRS on your behalf to address the issue in the IRS letter in question, the fee would serve as a retainer towards those services.