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American expat
tax return

American expat tax return

What you need to know:

No matter where you reside — you must file.

No matter where you reside - you must file. All US citizens and Green Card holders must (if they meet minimum filing thresholds) file an annual tax return reporting their worldwide income.

Filing is required - but you likely won’t owe anything.

The good news is that most expats don’t end up paying any taxes to the IRS. There are a plethora of tax deductions which we will utilize that allow taxpayers to deduct more than $100,000 from their taxable income. But - in order to receive these generous exclusions and deductions - you must continue to file. Failure to do so can lead to penalties.

What’s different about expat returns?

The aforementioned deductions are not automatic. In order to benefit from the myriad of exclusions available - the Foreign earned income exclusion (FEIE), Foreign Tax Credit, Foreign Housing Exclusion, Treaty exclusions, and many more - your tax return must be prepared correctly and tax saving tools utilized properly.

Factoring self-employment complications, foreign pension treatment, treatment of employer contributions, taxability of foreign passive investment corporations, totalization agreements, and digging through the dense web of tax treaties, the world of expat taxes is difficult and can make the most astute of regular CPAs throw their hands up in defeat.

The greatest pediatrician in the world will still make for a pretty poor veterinarian.

How can we help

Expat tax return

At TFX we have been preparing expat returns for over 25 years and have clients in 175 countries. Complex as they may be, someone needs to understand them, and filing US tax returns for Americans all over the world is all we do, day in and day out - rain or shine.


Aside from knowledge, convenience is key. Our clients rave about our best in class secure online portal and how TFX helps make the laborious task of filing taxes easier. We’re actually the top-rated expat tax firm ( with an average score of 4.8 on TrustPilot).

Tax preparation

We built an innovative tax preparation system that enables us to provide different tax-related services to our clients no matter where they live.

Experienced staff

Our fees are straightforward and unlike the Big 4 we do not hire junior staff. No outsourcing, no middle men: you’d be working directly with an experienced (our average age is 42) CPA or EA who will handle your case from beginning to end.