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How Taxes for Expats find ways to reduce your expat tax liability that other tax preparers often miss.

We only focus on expatriate tax returns

While an average American CPA may encounter an occasional client who lives overseas, our tax preparation practice is solely focused on expats. This is probably our chief advantage over most other tax preparation firms which allows us to be more knowledgeable in this particular area of tax law.

Greater attention to each return

Between February 1st and April 15th, the average tax preparer completes about 480 returns. With such an overwhelming workload, it's nearly impossible for a preparer to find the time to thoroughly evaluate your specific tax situation and apply all the latest tax laws and guidelines to reduce your liability.

Unlike most tax preparers, the independent tax reviews are performed by Taxes for Expats all year round. Moreover we focus only on expatriate tax returns - so we know the problems that commonly cause expats to overpay their taxes and the areas where many other tax preparers fall short. We can also afford to take the time to closely scrutinize your returns, compare them with new and updated tax laws, aggressively look for legitimate deductions that were either missed or not previously applied, and often further reduce your tax liability.

More thorough understanding of current tax laws

In the tax preparation field, it's what you don't know that costs you. There are literally dozens of volumes of laws that can potentially affect the amount of taxes you pay-and those laws change constantly. For example of how much things change all the time please check out our blog where we post updates daily (often multiple posts per day).

What most taxpayers don't appreciate is that even one oversight or missed deduction can make a significant difference. Unfortunately, very few tax preparers actually take the time to learn the hundreds of new tax laws legislated every year. The sad result is: Too many preparers are unable to identify recent tax issue, tax laws, and legitimate deductions. And too many taxpayers are overpaying their taxes.

One of the most important reasons for our success is the experience we bring to bear on the problem of expat taxation. Our professional staff pride themselves on maintaining an in-depth knowledge of all new tax laws and guidelines, as well as the latest industry developments and business requirements that could affect both your personal tax returns and those of your company.