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"Blind Faith" is costing taxpayers thousands of dollars in overpaid taxes.

It's very difficult to know, based on past performance or a personal relationship, whether your tax preparer has done the best possible job for you. This is especially true if the preparer is a trusted professional who's been "doing our taxes for years." For this reason, many taxpayers simply proceed with "blind faith" when having their taxes prepared.

Unfortunately, some professionals are unaware that they are missing issues that could reduce or eliminate a tax liability. And unless the errors your tax preparer makes are blatant enough to cause you to raise an eyebrow-or bring the IRS knocking at your door-there are typically no obvious reasons for you to question the accuracy of your tax returns. Which is why, for most taxpayers, getting a second opinion on their tax returns has never even been a consideration.

Studies, such as the following, reveal significant, potential benefits awaiting average taxpayers who get a second opinion.

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