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IRS extends tax deadlines for Connecticut residents due to severe storms

IRS extends tax deadlines for Connecticut residents due to severe storms

Overview of the tax relief

Following severe weather events in Connecticut starting on January 10, 2024, the IRS has announced an extension of tax deadlines for affected individuals and businesses.

This comprehensive overview details the relief measures, deadlines, and who qualifies for this extension.

Detailed extended tax deadlines

Connecticut residents impacted by these storms have until June 17, 2024, to complete various federal tax-related obligations.

The extension includes:

  • Filing of individual income tax returns, providing additional time for affected residents to gather necessary documents and prepare their returns.
  • Contributions to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), allowing taxpayers more time to make contributions that could affect their taxable income.
  • Business tax returns and related payments, aiding businesses in managing their financial responsibilities during the recovery period.

In-depth eligibility for the relief

The tax relief targets taxpayers in FEMA-designated areas, primarily focusing on New London County and certain tribal nations.

As FEMA assesses other regions, more areas may become eligible for this relief.

Comprehensive relief measures

  1. Broader impact: This extension covers a wide range of tax activities, including quarterly estimated tax payments, which are critical for self-employed individuals and businesses.
  2. IRS assistance: The IRS offers aid to those outside the disaster zone needing access to records within the affected area to meet upcoming deadlines.
  3. Ongoing updates: Taxpayers are advised to stay updated on any additional areas that FEMA may include in the disaster zone, which could affect their tax obligations.

Considerations for taxpayers

  • Future tax planning: Understanding the impact of these extended deadlines on tax planning strategies is crucial for individuals and businesses.
  • Professional advice: It's advisable for affected taxpayers to consult tax professionals to navigate these changes effectively.
Ines Zemelman, EA
Founder of TFX