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TFX New Features 2018

TFX New Features 2018

We are busy year-round improving our system - hence making your life easier. Here are the changes we rolled out since the last tax year.

New Tax Questionnaire

We continue to improve our Tax Questionnaire. This year brings a wholesale redesign as well as many functional improvements. The clients who’ve started using it are giving it extremely high marks!

Income Calculator

Many of our clients live in the countries where the tax year differs from the U.S. calendar (Jan 1 - Dec 31). We have built a calculator in the Tax Questionnaire that allows you to input the income you earned in your home country calendar and it will convert it to the US tax year automatically. No more excel spreadsheets

Multi Level Supervisor Review



Unlike other firms, we do not have junior staff. All of our accountants are trained professionals with decades of experience (average age is 42). On top of that, our protocols incorporate 100% review of every return by a supervisor and 50% of the time a second review by another supervisor. We continue to invest in quality

FX Rate Analysis



As our clients live and work across the globe, currency fluctuations are very important to us. Not all exchange rates are made equal. We have built a system to review possible exchange rates to determine which is most beneficial for you, reducing your potential tax due.

Personal Referral Discount Code

We run a referral system where any client can invite their family (or Facebook friends 😉). You get a $75 credit for every person you refer to files their taxes with us.

This year we’ve added the ability to create a custom signup code. This way you can incentivize the person you refer to mention this code at signup to receive $25 credit - and you will get $50 when they file with us.

Ines Zemelman, EA
Founder of TFX