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IRS launches email notifications for notices & letters

IRS launches email notifications for notices & letters

In an era where digital convenience is king, the IRS has taken a significant leap forward, particularly benefiting the expatriate community.

We’re excited to bring to your attention a significant development from the IRS that directly impacts the way expatriates receive and respond to various types of notices and letters.

The big news: IRS introduces email notifications

The IRS has recently rolled out an innovative feature allowing taxpayers, including expatriates, to sign up for email notifications related to a range of issued notices and letters.

This includes authorizations from tax professionals, providing timely and electronic access to crucial communications from the IRS.

Why is this important for expats?

Expatriates face unique challenges in managing their tax affairs, often compounded by distance and time zones.

The new email notification system addresses these challenges head-on, offering timely and direct access to important IRS communications.

This enhancement is not just a convenience; it's a crucial tool in ensuring compliance and avoiding unnecessary penalties.

How to stay informed: sign up for email notifications

To leverage this valuable service, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your IRS account
  2. Click on ‘Your Profile
  3. Look for an option related to email notifications for notices and letters (see screenshot below)
  4. Update your settings to accept email notifications.

By enrolling in this service, you’ll receive timely updates directly to your email inbox, allowing you to stay informed about various types of IRS communications without delays.

Important note: Verifying IRS communications

It’s crucial to be vigilant and verify the authenticity of any communication claiming to be from the IRS.

NOTE, that the IRS will not request personal or financial information through these email, text messages, or social media channels. Understanding how to identify legitimate IRS communications is critical for taxpayer security.

To ensure you are dealing with legitimate IRS communications, refer to the IRS official guidelines.

IRS modernization: A step towards convenience

This move by the IRS is part of their ongoing effort to modernize services, making it more convenient for taxpayers to access information and receive timely updates.

As technology advances, the IRS is committed to providing secure and efficient ways for taxpayers to manage their tax affairs.

See our article on rollout by the IRS, which is required to access your online account.

Your trusted tax partner

At Taxes for Expats (TFX), we understand the complexities of expat tax situations and strive to empower our clients with the latest tools and information.

The IRS’s introduction of email notifications is a positive step toward improving the expat tax experience.

We encourage our clients to update their preferences and are here to assist with navigating this new feature.

Your peace of mind in tax matters is our priority - Taxesforexpats team

Ines Zemelman, EA
Founder of TFX