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I declare that I have examined a copy of the electronic tax return(s), accompanying schedule(s), and/or FBAR(s) and to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, correct, and accurately lists all amounts and sources of income I received during the applicable tax year(s) as well as financial accounts on form(s) FinCEN 114 (FBAR).

If my return is marked as eligible for e-filing, I consent to allow my tax preparer, Taxes For Expats, to send my return(s) to the IRS and to receive from the IRS an acknowledgement of receipt or reason for rejection of the transmission. If my return is marked "Must Be Mailed", I will take care of printing and mailing it to the IRS according to the instructions given to me by TFX.

If filing FBAR(s), I grant authority to allow my tax preparer, Taxes For Expats, to transmit completed FBAR(s) to the US Treasury via the FinCEN BSA E-File system.