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Have you been filing US tax returns but have unreported foreign bank accounts?

Is your offshore bank about to divulge your details to the IRS?

Are you asked to confirm being compliant with the IRS?

Here is How We Can Help You

Are you a US citizen who has been filing the US tax returns but failed to report their Swiss (or other offshore) bank account? If so, you should familiarize yourself with the below.

Due to significant pressure applied to the Swiss banks by the US government, Swiss banks will now likely throw away their vaulted bank secrecy and report American clients to the US government (including past clients who are no longer with the bank).

You may have already (or will soon) receive the following letter(s) from your bank:

  • Informing you that they will provide your details to the IRS.
  • Requesting that you provide a written affidavit confirming that you have filed a tax return & Foreign Bank Account (FBAR) form with the IRS.

At this point you can either:

  • Hope that the IRS will do nothing with the information provided.
  • Take proactive steps to minimize your liability.

While we can not do much if you choose option 1 (there is probably a house of worship nearby that could help), we can certainly get your situation straightened out and work on option 2.

Here is what we can do to help you become compliant before the IRS takes matters into its own hands:

3 Years of Amended Tax Returns
6 Years of Foreign Bank Account (FBAR) forms
Statement confirming your U.S. tax / FBAR filing compliance for your Swiss bank
Total Cost $1,500

If form 8938 is required total cost is $1,800

We have already helped hundreds of expats file overdue tax returns and become compliant with the IRS and are familiar with the process.

Time is of the Essence

It is only a matter of time before the IRS learns about your Swiss bank account (even if you have already closed it). Having IRS find you first may result in a truly terrible outcome [1],[2]. Instead you should take proactive steps and come clean, thus avoiding the harsh treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my offshore (i.e. non-U.S.) bank asking me to confirm that I have filed my US tax return & FBAR forms?

2. How will the IRS find out about my foreign bank account?

3. What is the risk if I fail to file truthful tax returns and/or FBAR forms?

5. So what are my choices?