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Online Technologies We Use

At Taxes for Expats we are big believers in technology. We understand that communication technology allows many of you to live and work overseas and we embrace it ourselves. We use a number of online tools to exchange information with clients and are always looking for new ways to make it easier for clients to communicate with us.

Instant Online Quote

We have created an online pricing mechanism that provides prospective clients an instant quote for their tax return. You have the ability to know exactly how much our services will cost given your particular circumstances right away.

Getting in touch with your tax advisor

Our clients make free calls to their tax advisor via Skype, Google Voice or by activating the “Call Me” request button.

Tax Return Process

We describe our tax return process and provide the timeline for how long things usually take.

Secure File Exchange

We don’t consider email to be the most secure medium for exchanging sensitive information. That is why we have built a secure system where customers can upload and download required documents related to their tax return on our secure server. This avoids transmission of data via insecure channels and provides a convenient way for clients to organize their tax-related documents in one place.

File Storage

Existing clients have access to tax returns for three prior years. Copies of the earlier year tax returns can be also be obtained per request.

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