Tax Guide
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Our Tax Preparation Process: 7 Simple Steps

  • 1. Sign Up as a new client.
  • 2. Download and fill out our Tax Questionnaire . Once done upload it to our secure File Cabinet.
  • 3. We will analyze your tax situation (requesting further information if necessary) and prepare an Engagement Letter. This letter will specify exactly the job you are engaging us to do and what it will cost you. This way both we and the client is fully aware of what will happen and what it will cost, before we start work on your return.
  • 4. Once the Engagement Letter is signed, we will prepare your return. This step takes up to 15 business days.
  • 5. When the draft of your tax return is ready, we place a PDF file in your secure File Cabinet and email to let you know that it is ready. At this point the payment for your tax return is due - you can pay it with any credit card.
  • 6. You review and sign an electronic approval form if e-filing is used. If you have to file a paper copy we will provide mailing instructions.
  • 7. After the filing is done you will receive IRS confirmation details. We'll ask you to electronically sign off your receipt of it (or mailing instructions) and review our work.

That's it - you are done with your US Tax filing this year and we welcome you back next year.